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Good morning DC friends & others. I just read this new report from?

FDA site, & wanted to share it with others. Something I found out on my own, but now they are letting us all know these injections do not help in the long term... Mary Steroid Shots for ...

Posted 13 Nov 2012 4 answers

Pregnancy - Can pregnant women use Urocit K medication against kidnestone?

FDA pregnancy category C.* This medication may be harmful to an unborn baby. It is not known whether potassium passes into breast milk or if it could harm a nursing baby. Do not use this medication ...

Posted 19 Sep 2012 1 answer

Fda, medication, safety alert, parkinson's disease?

hi 2 all my friends at wanted to put a comment on a fda alert i read commenting on a medication for parkinson's disease in case anyone is taking it so they can discuss this with there ...

Posted 20 Sep 2012 3 answers

In spite of FDA, your medications may not work?

I have another medication that didn't work for me, in addition to my other posting about a medication that didn't work, but then the next bottle worked fine. Time before last, my Botox ...

Posted 30 Aug 2012 5 answers

Has insurance company rejected you for Botox injections?

You shouldn't be rejected since the FDA approved Botox for migraines on October 15, 2010. My insurance company rejected my Botox injections on the basis that they were experimental over a year ...

Posted 7 Jul 2012 4 answers

How can I look up information regarding the FDA approval of Silver Nitrate as an antimicrobial?

I am told that a 1% solution is approved for the prevention of opthalmia neonatorum.

Posted 29 Aug 2012 2 answers


A new drug approved for RLS is approved by the FDA. Important that?

everyone should sign up for the Consumer Updates. Here is the info: BRUSSELS and ATLANTA, April 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- UCB announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved ...

Posted 4 Apr 2012 4 answers


Poeple, plead read this!!! can you belive this???

On the FDA mednotes this AM: FDA Mulls Making Key Prescription Drugs Available Over-the-Counter A number of widely used prescription drugs could be sold over-the-counter under a new proposal being ...

Posted 9 Mar 2012 14 answers

My pain mgmt clinic is taking all patients off Soma?

I don't understand this. I've been given all the reasons. E.g. the FDA is stopping the manufacuring of SOMA. They are addictive. And so on... I have been on SOMA for 8 years and never ...

Posted 12 Oct 2011 9 answers


Paxil or Paxil CR for OCD?

I was prescribed Paxil CR while in the Psych Ward 4 weeks ago. It has yet to help my anxiety and OCD. I know that regular Paxil is FDA approved for the treatment of OCD, however I noticed that Paxil ...

Posted 30 Apr 2011 1 answer

Headache - Has anyone found Savella to help their migraines?

I also have fibromyalgia. FDA approved Savella for that, but it has the same ingredients as anti-depressants which are known pain killers. Still I wonder if Savella is particularly good for migraines

Posted 10 Nov 2011 6 answers


For the people with osteoporosis that take Forteo injections like me?

this is poited in todays newsletter by the FDA; good read & hope for the future... Mary THURSDAY Feb. 16, 2012 -- Remote controls may not be for just appliances anymore. In a new small study, ...

Posted 17 Feb 2012 3 answers

Chirocaine - Is levobupivicaine available in the U.S.?

Abbot is not producing Chirocaine anymore. Found lots of references for overseas, but the FDA site doesn't list it. ???

Posted 4 Jun 2012 1 answer

Deplin contains all kinds of bad ingredients such as talc, FD&C red,yellow and blue among others?

I do not want to injest those ingredients.Is it possible to get l-metylfolate without these ingredients? Whole Foods does not sell it.It is very upsetting that we are not protected from these ...

Posted 27 Apr 2012 1 answer

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