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Famciclovir Questions

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Famciclovir - Can it be used for cold sores for a 17 y/o male ?

I'm referring to the once only treatment taken at the onset of symptoms.

Posted 13 Sep 2015 0 answers

Can I take famciclovir when taking Nilotinib?

I have CML and have some painful cold sores and want to know if the medications will interact. Please help.

Posted 23 Jul 2015 1 answer

Would acetaminophen trigger bullous pemphigoid?

I also take famciclovir when the herpes simplex erupts

Posted 20 Feb 2015 1 answer

Famciclovir Dosage?

I woke up with a cold sore yesterday morning without any signs before. I was already pretty big so I took 1500mg of Famciclovir. My prescription came with 21 250mg tables so I took 6 of these ...

Posted 21 Jul 2014 1 answer

Does Famviar or Famciclovir have any affect or cause hypertension?

I've been taking blood pressure medications for about 3 years, about the same amount of time I've been on Famciclovir, and I think there may be a connection. When I stop taking the ...

Posted 6 Aug 2012 2 answers

Does Famciclovir cure other STD's?

Posted 23 Mar 2011 1 answer

Can Famciclovir be used if dont have Herpes or HIV but just chicken pox?

i was told it was gicen because of chicken pox in the past chicken pox is a from of herpes i was told is that true?

Posted 10 Dec 2010 1 answer

How long after using Famciclovir did you start to see improvement?

I have already taken Valacyclovir 3X a day for a week without results. I've been on Famciclovir for 2 days and I need relief!

Posted 22 Apr 2011 1 answer

Can you continue to use famciclovir year after year as a preventative for outbreaks?

the question should include the word daily between the words famciclovir and year.

Posted 10 Nov 2010 1 answer

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