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Monistat 3 - I work at night and usually only take naps so it didn't really fit in my schedule. I?

... already took the 2nd dose but I did not lay down, in fact I was up and walking all day. Not much of the cream came out but will it still work? It's more irritated than itchy now and I ...

Posted 14 May 2015 1 answer

Does Atralin lose its efficacy after a while? Does the skin build resistance to it at some point?

I have been using atralin on and off, mostly because I'm very impatient to see results so when I didn't see results I'd move on to something else. Occasionally I'd apply my ...

Posted 28 Jul 2015 1 answer

I have a question about monistat 1?

i used monistat 1 and did not know I was supposed to use it before bed and when I went out and went to the restroom 2 chunks came out and it's itchy and it burns I used the cream and I thought I ...

Posted 18 Apr 2015 1 answer

Is there any way to get rid off stretch marks?

Not by creams, not by hiding them, but to completely remove them. I have it in almost all over my body.. Some people say it can be removed by laser but it costs fortune.. Is it true? I don't ...

Posted 30 Jul 2015 2 answers

Estrace Vaginal Cream - How often do you use the compounded formula for estrace?

I too was on estrace but after 6 weeks or so was having anxiety and feeling teary and depressed. I asked to switch to the compounded formula and thought I could use it twice per week as I did estrace ...

Posted 29 Jan 2015 1 answer

I Have Eczema At The Side Of My Nose?

What Creams Can I Use To Get Rid Of It Please Help!

Posted 31 Jul 2015 0 answers

Clindamycin - pregnant using the cream?

I'm 8 weeks pregnant is it okay to use the cream

Posted 2 Aug 2015 0 answers

Use of tretinoin cream for Millia?

I have been using this every night before bed and have not seen any improvement after using two tubes. Is there a problem in my usage? I am 82

Posted 25 Jul 2015 0 answers

I used the one dose treatment one night ago but now when I have intercourse the cream gets all over?

I've used this before with no problems! This time it's like the cream is stuck in me! I thought that that was good, but I did it one night ago. And now when I have sex it just comes out all ...

Posted 29 Jul 2015 0 answers

Hello, I am pretty certain I have Melasma on my face and it does respond to lightening creams but it

... never goes away. My question is related to Melasma appearing pink at times. I have two close family members with Lupus and I personally have tons of symptoms. I am wondering if anyone with ...

Posted 25 Jun 2015 1 answer

Estrace Vaginal Cream - I am switching from Estrodiol using a half of a 1mg pill to Estrace cream?

Is there a recommended way to do this? Can I just stop the pills or do I need to wean from one to the other?

Posted 8 May 2015 1 answer

How do I know if Tretinoin is working for me?

I began using Tretinoin .025% cream approximately 10 weeks ago when it was prescribed to me by my dermatologist. So far, my skin is continuing to get worse, which is extremely frustrating. Should I ...

Posted 15 May 2013 4 answers

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