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Wellbutrin and drinking?

I just started 150 ml Bupropion 2 days ago. My doctor recommended it for depression and anxiety. While I do struggle with both as my work and home life are very hectic, I have never taken anything ...

Posted 22 Mar 2013 13 answers

Does Bupropion make you gain tons of weight and also make you a very restless sleeper?

I have been on the generic Wellbutrin for depression for about 3 to 4 months now and have packed on a significant amount of weight. I cannot get enough sleep, but I notice that I toss and turn all ...

Posted 24 Aug 2012 7 answers

I was prescribed bupropion SR 150mg 2X daily (Generic for Wellbutrin) a week ago for anxiety. I am?

... experiencing the most horrible side effects. It wasn't 30 minutes after I took it, I became so dizzy I couldn't get up. I have been sick to my stomach, can't eat or sleep, in a ...

Posted 27 May 2011 8 answers

Wellbutrin XL - quit smoking with bupropion xl 150 mg?

I started taking bupropion to quit smoking so how long will it take for this medicine to start working and making cigarettes nasty to the taste

Posted 13 Dec 2012 7 answers

Wellbutrin XL - How long does it usually take to feel any effects?

I was on Prozac fpr 15-20 years, and was put on Bupropion XL 150 mg. daily about a month ago. I still feel the same as before I was put on this? Just Blah. Do you think it is because the prozac is ...

Posted 27 Mar 2014 3 answers

Wellbutrin XL - Will the constant hunger ever end?

This is my third day on Bupropion HCL XL 150. I got on it for compulsive eating and slight depression. I am not very large, I am 5"9' and 150 lbs. For three days I have felt constantly ...

Posted 18 Apr 2013 9 answers

Bupropion not working anymore, month three, should I add to it?

Tried prozac, cymbalta and effexor and they gave me bad anxiety which is what this bupropion is starting to do, i really dont think i shld up the dosage of this bupropion, any ideas, thx

Posted 1 day 16 hours ago 5 answers

On Bupropion XL 150 mg. for 3 weeks and hardly see a difference!?

I have been diagnosed with major depression and ADHD by my psychiatrist. She recently prescribed me Bupropion XL because it's supposed to help with my depression AND ADHD at the same time. I ...

Posted 9 days ago 3 answers

I take clonazepam for anxiety, bupropion for depression & anxiety and trazodone?

to help me fall asleep. Do you think that this is safe to take all these drugs. I take the bupropion in the day. I take clonazepam in the day and at night with the trazodone to help me sleep. What do ...

Posted 8 days ago 3 answers

Wellbutrin dosage questions?

I just switched from Bupropion XL 150 mg to 300. I took this in 2006 but I don't know if it was the name brand or the generic. Does anyone know when the generic was first release? Also, how ...

Posted 9 days ago 2 answers

How can I find where bupropion 150 mg extended release is available?

My pharmacy says it is on back order from the manufacturer PAR PHARM.

Posted 1 day 15 hours ago 1 answer

Can Bupropion have any effect on kidneys?

I have been taking bupropion for years and now at 69 I have stage 3 kidney disease. Is there any connection?

Posted 3 days ago 1 answer

Sertraline - I take 200mg of sertaline daily, 50mg bupropion and 100mg tramadol (four times a day)?

I take 200mg of sertaline daily, 50mg bupropion and 100mg tramadol (four times a day) all prescribed and supplied by the VA and have had no adverse side effects. Any thoughts?

Posted 29 Aug 2014 3 answers

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