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Birth Control - patch and no period?

so ive been on the patch for almost 4 years now and ive been using it perfectly and I've had normal to light period every time it's due, I've also never experienced trouble or pain ...

Posted 1 Jan 2016 0 answers

Ortho Evra - I didn't get my refill and I had sex 3 days after I was suppose to put a new patch?

... on... How long is the birth control effective.

Posted 18 Nov 2015 1 answer

I have severe insomnia and I'm being treated for depression with emsam patch 6 milligrams over 24 h?

Could the emsam patch be contributing to the insomnia, and to what extent? I'm getting desperate here. I sleep an average of three to four hours a night and if I take nothing I may get an hour ...

Posted 24 Nov 2015 5 answers


I am currently using this patch and have noticed weight gain in the past two to three months. I have also quit smoking and that has been right around the time I started with this patch. seeking ...

Posted 30 Nov 2015 1 answer

I'm on my 3rd week on the evra patch?

I'm on my 3rd week on the evra patch and I'm not supposed to have my patch free week until Tuesday but somehow I'm on my period, it's extremely heavy and painful, how come?

Posted 30 Oct 2015 1 answer

I've had the Xulane patch on and had un protected sex a couple days before I was supposed to take it

... off and I haven't started my period three days after I've taken it off. Do I go & get the Plan B One Step Pill? What do I do?

Posted 5 Dec 2015 1 answer

Xulane - Started the patch Sunday, noticed it become extremely itchy Friday?

... night-Saturday morning all the way up until now I took the patch off to put a new one. When I took it off my skin is very red and bumpy and itchy almost rash like, is this normal? I put the patch ...

Posted 23 Nov 2015 1 answer

Can I get pregnant if my boyfriend ejaculated in me on my 7th day of the patch?

I gotvmy period Saturday night started my patch Sunday morning. The following Sunday I woke up and changed my patch to the 2nd week. That night my husband ejaculated in me. Should I take a morning ...

Posted 14 Dec 2015 1 answer

Lidocaine patch-how long do the side effects last?

I had it on for 12 hours 9 days ago and it is still numb and itchy where I applied 1/2 of the patch to my upper left trapezius muscle and the other half to the left side of my neck. I did use a ...

Posted 1 Dec 2015 2 answers

Ortho Evra - I use Xulane patch just to keep myself from having a period but it started anyway?

My periods are excruciating so I wear the patch continuously but, for some reason my period started this morning and I'm in a lot of pain. Is this a bad sign that my period started any way? I ...

Posted 4 Nov 2015 1 answer

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