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I decided to use the Ortho Evra patch because it seemed easy but by the start of the second week the

... patch would not stay on, so i replaced it within the 24hr gap and again it would not stay on therefore i stopped using it all together. I stopped on the tuesday and the change day was friday. i ...

Posted 26 Mar 2014 1 answer

Im on my second week of the butrans 10 patch. I dont feel any relief like I did the first week?

Is it not working? Could it be a defective patch? Im in some serious pain and don't know what to do.

Posted 29 Mar 2014 1 answer

Can use of Oxytrol cause high blood pressure?

At a doctor appointment a few days ago three readings were taken. They were: 180/100, 170/96 and 174/92. I had been using the Oxytrol patch for several weeks prior to this, but I had removed it the ...

Posted 1 Apr 2014 1 answer

Ortho Evra - I started the patch on Sunday march 9 (for the first time)at around 10pm. I had?

... unprotected sex the following Saturday march 14 at around 11pm could i be pregnant? Also. I firgot to change the patch on Sunday and changed it on Monday march 16. Im really worried can you ...

Posted 18 Mar 2014 1 answer

I had sex the first week of being evra patch unpretected sex and its now been 3 weeks on it?

Hi I'm 19 years old and im on a patch and had sex 6 days after being on the pacth in the morning. I haven't had my period yet and I usually do when my bf has cumed in me. He cumed in me ...

Posted 28 Feb 2014 2 answers

Unprotected sex week before I take my birth control patch off?

I had unprotected sex week before I took my orthro evrea patch off. I took it off Tuesday and today is Friday I haven't started at all and have just been cramping. Could I be pregnant?

Posted 28 Mar 2014 1 answer

I been using ortho evra for a year or so and for the whole year I always take off my patch on?

... Sundays and never get my period right away I always get it until Thursday , but today I still didn't take it off and I was already on my period .. Does that mean my patch wasn't working ...

Posted 23 Mar 2014 1 answer

Ortho Evra - I'm supposed to take my ortha vera patch tomorrow and have my period but it fell off?

... today will that mess up my menstrual cycle?

Posted 22 Mar 2014 1 answer

I was on antibiotic for a month after starting the ortho evra patch! I had unprotected sex while?

... taking the antibotics! This my patch free week! I've had the patch off since last Saturday & to day is now wednesday & my period still hasn't started! Could I b pregnant?

Posted 19 Mar 2014 1 answer

Fentanyl - How long is a patch good after opening it?

When you wear a fentanyl patch how long does it last before ots not any good

Posted 25 Mar 2014 1 answer

Iv been bitten off something like a midgie on my thigh! It's like a big red patch with a little dot?

... in the middle that's letting clear liquid out! It's not itchy like your average midgie bite it just feels like it's pulsating :/ is there anything I can take or put on it to stop ...

Posted 29 Mar 2014 1 answer

Estradiol Patch - Is Evorel 50 equivalent to Minivelle .05?

My prescription in US is Estradiol 0.05 with one patch 2 times a week. The only thing I can get in Mexico is Estradiol 3.2 mg patches. Brand name in US is Minivelle and brand name in Mexico is Evorel ...

Posted 11 Mar 2014 1 answer

Hi any of you wear the fentanyl patch and if so do you supplement with another med ?

i have just recently started using the fentanyl patch instead of morphine. it works better and i'm not so sick and zoned out. the problems i'm running into are it wears off 10 hrs. early ...

Posted 17 Oct 2013 6 answers

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