Suboxone - What is the average starting dose of Sub for someone taking 8 30mg Oxycodones per day?

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12 Dec 2011

NONE!!! you have to be REAL SICK to take suboxone & you have that much shit in your system? You woud go straight into BAD WITHDRAWL. I took 8mg suboxone after I though I was pretty sick & it still kicked my ass for another LONG DAY,then 1/2 (2mg) 2x a day keeps you good,but your either gonna have to come straight off the oxys,or take the suboxone & hurt worse but shorter cuz it does wipe your opiate receptors clean.

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13 Dec 2011

hi there,
I am presently tapering off of subs after being on them for 2 months. It was the best thing I ever did for myself. Cold Turkey never worked for me... I couldnt take the horrific pain. If you follow the COWS scale and get yourself to I think 26 you can begin to induct your self like I did. Go over to the Forum Discussion Boards and look for Robert if you need help with your induction. Its pretty easy if you follows Roberts Plan exactly. He would be happy to help you if you need it... as he had inducted many many people on here who continue to have success in staying clean. He likes to keep you at under 6 mg a day of suboxone... some people are inducted as low as 1.5 mg a day... it all depends on the person and their situation. I hope this helps.

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