Suboxone - today just called walgreens in nj.generic subutex is in?

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23 Oct 2009

Are you sure? I didn't think it was available for generic for quite a few years. Please let us know some more details, like what the generic is called.Will there be a generic Suboxone? Thank you so much, Patti

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sickboy33 24 Oct 2009

yup picked them up this morning.from what i understand there isnt a generic for suboxone as of yet.there called just generic beuponorphine sublingual 8mg.which i usually just get mine per week at cost of $ cost me $33.00 that was for just the 14 but big diff in price.there white round pills that actually look like percs with numbers on it.when i called the pharmacy this morning i figured id first she said no than called me right back to say they just got shipped this morning 10 min ago.i was stoked...

laurajary 24 Oct 2009

What is the difference in subutec and suboxone? I take the suboxone.

24 Oct 2009

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Generic Buprenorphine

On October 9th the exclusive marketing rights afforded by Suboxone’s and Subutex’s orphan drug status expired. This opened the door to generic competition. One generic version of Subutex has been FDA approved, but as of 10/25/09 no generic versions of Suboxone have been approved. There is no word on pricing yet.

Note: Buprenex® (injectable buprenorphine), and the 3 generic equivalents remain unapproved for the treatment of opioid addiction. It remains illegal for doctors to prescribe or administer injectable buprenorphine for the treatment of opioid addiction.

YEA !!!

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Anonymous 24 Oct 2009

Please start Praying with me they do this for suboxone quickly. My doctor will not write subutex.

25 Oct 2009

This is why I am not going to get on sub after the methadone . The subs are too expensive first of all and second,I don't want to ever have to go through another detox ever again after i'm finally done with the methadone.

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