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Suboxone: length of treatment? How long would a patient be on Suboxone. 6months, year or more?

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31 Dec 2010

Dear Pamonty, as person should remain on if until they have completed the required counseling for addiction, and should be very open with the suboxone doctor about how they feel on it and when and whether a taper should start. Some doctors are so happy you are off opiates, they don't ever try to taper you off. You should also consult your counselor for clues that will let you know the damaged parts of the brain are healing, and that a taper should begin. There is not set time frame for anyone, it may take 3 months in one person, a year in another. The signs I thought signaled my brain sites were healing were as follows, I started to nod off any and everytime I sat for over 5 minutes, I had hesitancy and difficulty peeing, and I started to "Feel" my suboxone as soon as it dissolved instead of it gradually working between 45 minutes and 2 hours. Most people say theirs works quicker, not sure why it took mine a bit more time.

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30 Dec 2010

Hi pamonty. As far as suboxone treatment, it would depend on what someone is trying to quit, vicodin morphine, heroin, and also how long the habit was. That will determine what strength of suboxone to start treatment at. If it takes 16mg or more to suppress the cravings and withdrawals, the longer it will take to taper down the suboxone. It's always best to take the lowest dose possible yet still control symptoms. If someone were able to start and be comfortable at 4mg, the whole process could be done in under 2-3 months. Obviously at higher doses, the longer it will take. Some people have done this much quicker. Others have stayed on subs for years. It's really meant for short term use though. Pattishan61 is the forum expert on subs. Please look her up and read her profile. She has great information and a taper schedule. She's been sub free for some months now. Best of luck to you and have a wonderful new year.

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pamonty 30 Dec 2010


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