Strongest pain medicine?

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30 Aug 2011

I am sorry no one has answered your question. as of yet. I guess that answer would depend on what type of pain you are talking about relieving. What seems to be your problem if I may ask...

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30 Aug 2011

I agree with Mary it depends on the type of pain you are having, for instance I take Opana Extended release, for pain that is ongoing drugs that are time released along with a drug for breakthrough pain is given. for an accident that I had this past winter the drug Opana ER along with naprosyn was given there are non opiate drugs given for other types of pain its best of you are seen by a pain specialist they are qualified to diagnose and to decide what medication is best, sometimes they work in a group with other doctors so it is like being able to see a neurologist, orthopedist, or whatever the case may be. I used Fentanyl patches several years ago it is used as a patch and is replaced every 72 hours it releases analgesia into your system through the skin it just depends on what and where the pain is and of course the doctor

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Kay65 22 Jun 2012

I am on 40 mg of Oxycontin and 10/325 mg of Percocet for breakthroug pain. Also take 100 mg Lyrica 3 times a day and 2-10 mg Backlofen at bedtime for muscle spasms. Still in severe pain. I have Post Polio Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Arthritis. My spine is so messed up and the Spine doctors say there is no surgery that can fix the problem. My family and friends seem to think becacause they hear the word OXYCONTIN, that I must be a drug addict, even though none of the medications seem to faze me. I am at my wits end... my quality of life is gone for me... any advice for this 65 year old broad??? Oh, the Oxycontin is taken every 12 hours.

Anonymous 27 Jun 2012

Hello Billy I hope you are well and healthy. Take care now, pledge

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