A friend of mine and I have been both trying to get rx's too Xanax, with two different doctors. Call it a controlled experiment, but definately not a race cuz if it was I woulda won - I got my Xanax like a month ago, he JUST GOT HIS... heres my question

My friend has a tendency to embellish, and i think I see it coming out here. I know a lot about prescription drugs, and last time i checked Xanax came in .5, 1, 1.5 (?), and 2 mgs. He's trying to claim to me that his doctor gave him a prescription of 90 2.5mg Xanax (too take three times daily... yeah right) and it sounded like a lie. Hes a stingy bastard so hell never sell me any or ever show me the bottle for that matter, so i just wanna find out for myself, is there anything stronger than the 2mg Zany Bars?