Is spiriva available in generic?

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18 Sep 2012

No, there is no generic version of Spiriva available at the moment.

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Earlhack 19 Sep 2012

Thanks for your input.

18 Sep 2012

Hello Earlhack. I currently take Spirvia. Was on Advair prior to doing so. Apperently there is a product that comes out of Canada that is a generic inhaler. If I come up with a name, will add it here. Regards pledge

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Earlhack 19 Sep 2012

Thanks for your input.

pledge 19 Sep 2012

You are welcome.


18 Sep 2012

Hello Earlhack,

A patent currently prevents any generic Spiriva from being manufactured in the United States. While companies may claim to sell it online, these drugs may be substandard and potentially dangerous. The earliest that generic Spiriva could become available is in 2014, when the first patent expires.

Take care,


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Earlhack 19 Sep 2012

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Anonymous 19 Sep 2012

You are welcome.

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