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What is a small white oblong pill w/ 15 on one side and nothing on other?

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Can anyone id this pill?

very small white w/logo AN on top with a --- and numbers 521 below . The other side is plain

1 answer 16 Oct 2014

White oblong pill with 911JOO on one side?

I found a white oblong pill with 911JOO printed on one side. The other side was blank. I was wondering what it was.

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What is a white oblong pill that has I 2 on it?

The color could be off white or light peach or beige and is small and oblong. It has an I and 2.

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Need help identifying a pill?

found small white oblong white tablet with imprint pt5 on one side. the other side looks like a pair of parenthese

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Please help i.d. small round white pill has a"P" on one side and other has "N" that is underlined?

I found these in my step sisters pocket while doing laundry. Please help me identify. I can't find them online I looked for hours. They are very ...

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