Singulair - What if I stopped taking singular without telling my doctor?

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12 Sep 2012

Hello. Not sure why you would stop. Asthma is a very serious condition. You will surely have more problems with the asthma. Whatever your reason, please let the doctor know. Far better to work this out than a trip to the ER.

Did you wish to talk about this further?

13 Sep 2012

Hello Lillebet - Welcome to DC and I hope you find our site to be helpful and of a supportive nature to meet your n eeds. Are you saying that you have stopped taking this medication but just haven't told your doctor yet? There are lots of things that can happen but not sure why you would want that??? How long had you been taking this medication before making this sudden decision to just stop? If you are having any of the adverse side effects... it is still best to discuss those with your doctor. Keeping your doctor in the loop is paramount to keeping your medical history accurate in case of a sudden emergency, for instance, and you end up in the E.R.

As your comment is posted as "direct", we can only reply once. It is most helpful when posting questions in the future to post them as "conversational" which you can select just before hitting the "submit" button.

Just a thought... can you share a bit more about "why" you want to come off???


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