Without going into a LONG story. I am confused and scared about being prescribed Methadone for pain management.

Some of my concerns are:

I hear this is worse than any other opiate to every detox from should I ever have to (yet that being said, I will most likely require opiate pain management for the rest of my natural life, as its been 20yrs already.)

Currently I am on 200ug. every 48hrs of Duragesic Fentanyl w/ 800mg Actic every 4-6hrs.

AT that current dose, What would the likely conversion dose to methadone be for optimum effectiveness, or the equivilant to what I am on now ?(because when it works properly the patch and pop take care of things fairly well most of the time and GOD KNOWS I DON'T EVER want that DR. putting me on a larger dose of anything than absolutely necessary because I think he put me up here way too quickly when I might have done with less maybe 2 years ago).

How long do you think it would it take to arrive at the optimum dose?
Will I suffer through absolutehell while doing so?
Should the need arise, if I needed to change from methadone to something else down the road is that possible?
I was under the impression that methadone "blocked" the receptor cites from opiates, so if that is true, how could a dr. prescribe an opiate for BT pain? I don't understand that. Similarly, I thought a medicine like "TORADOL" directly stopped an opiate from working. is that true? IDK, something about antagonistic something or other? someone tried to explain it to me once but I forget.

IS IT POSSIBLE TO BY-PASS serious withdrawls AT my current doses by switching to an equally powerful opiate and equal dose- for a few weeks giving the fentanyal a few weeks to eliminate from my system entirely then titrate from whatever it was I substituted in its place? WOW, that almost sounded pleasant for a minute. LOL:p

I really appreciate any helpful experiences anyone has being on this med. or coming off this med and any general knowledge anyone can supply. I am nervous because I see my Dr. this Friday and I am nervous he may try to vigourously PUSH me in this direction leaving me little choices. I have resisted this for a LONG TIME FOR MULTIPLE REASONS. So time is kinda of the essence here. AND ONCE AGAIN, THANK YOU ALL :confused: