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Should a 90-year old woman who had a hysterectomy 40 years ago continue to take Premarin?

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25 Nov 2010

When did she start Premarin? 50 years ago?
I can't think of any reason to be on Hormone Replacement Therapy for 50 years. Frankly, long term use of HRT increases risk for cardiovascular disease and some cancers.

There may be a good reason, though. Please ask the prescribing doctor to justify this prescription.


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Bev50 16 Dec 2011

Good grief whatever you do you need to reduce this medication slowly over a long period of time. The side effects of just stopping are horrid. I personally reduced by half a tab one day full tab the next then went to the next dosage down it took 3 years to reduce to 0.15mg per day after being on the meds for 23 years. I tried just stopping and spun out with migraines, mood swings, depression and anger plus hot flushes, palpitations - I do not recommend this.

kjoy82 27 Dec 2011

I had a total hysterectomy in 1984 at the age of 24.
My ovaries just stopped working period!
This turned out to be stressed related.
6 months after the surgery, I started experiencing major swelling through out my body. Felt pain whenever I was touched. Even just rubbing my skin would hurt! It hurt just to stand...
I was put on the low dose of premarin (red) for about a year, and it relieved some of the issues somewhat.
I was then put on the 0.9 white tablet to see if it would help. And now I am feeling normal !!!
I have now been on premarin since 84'.

Throughout the years the doctors tried to lower my 0.9 dosage. Because as we grow older our bodys require less.
But OMG!
NO WAY WILL I EVER let that happen again!!! I started reverting back to the way I was in the beginning!
For some reason my body requires nothing less than the 0.9.
I am now 51. And very healthy and feeling good :)!
Without the premarin... I have no quality of life...

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