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Should a 6 year old be given Benadryl to help her/him sleep if the child is taking Zyrtec twice a d?

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15 Nov 2010

Benadryl (Antihistamine) may be no more effective than placebo for insomnia. In fact, antihistamines may promote wakefulness in children.

Additionally, the combination of Zytrec (Cetirizine) & Benadryl may increase the risk of constipation.

Melatonin, given a few hours before bedtime, has been shown to improve sleep onset and sleep duration in kids.

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15 Nov 2010

No, not on top of Zyrtec and the child being that young.

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booter42 16 Nov 2010

Yes I agree 6 is very young. Did your doctor prescribe this? ( I do not mean to insult you).

16 Nov 2010

I definitely would not mix the two. Children react in different ways to different meds. U should probably talk to your child's pediatrician about what can be given for insomnia. It is very important that children get the proper amt of sleep, especially on school nights. If the pediatrician prescribes a med to help your child sleep just be very careful so he/she does not become dependent. Maybe don't give it to them every night. Your dr should explain all that along with side effects. GOOD LUCK TO U AND YOUR LITTLE ONE, Anna

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gotomom 16 Nov 2010

Thanks that is what I thought. My daughter-in-law is giving her that.

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