Seizures - What are the symptoms prior to having a seizure?

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8 Jan 2013

Hello Roxy7000. Feeling disoreinted is one that most people endure, feel. High anxiety, as well as a rise in blood pressure. It varies from one individual to another. Regards pledge

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9 Jan 2013

Hi,when i got my first seizure i was at the mall with my hubby,and he said i looked pail,and i sat down for a bit,then i just fell on the floor shaking,but now after 20 years i twitch and then i loose control of whatever is in my hands,and my legs give out.I'm on meds that are controlling my seizures(thank GOD)but i had to find the right meds.hope this helps

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Mickey D 27 Apr 2013

I wish I knew when my were coming on,but my wife sure can tell, she tells me that my moods change,can go from laughing to calm and have a blank look on my face. ( I thank God for her ) so she gives me 1 Lorazepam, it takes affect in about 20-30 mins. But the truth is that it veries from people in diffrent ways. but ask your Dr about the meds. I hope they come to an end for you, me and everyone else with these condidtions. Hope this helps

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