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Is it safe for my 11yr old to take solifenacin/vesicare 5 mg?

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5 Jul 2012

Hi gaz - I just wanted to mention that due to some of the side effects that more mature people could probably handle... an 11 year old may not want to talk about things he might experience like the "constipation" issue that is common with this med and the "chronic dry eye" because of fluid being pulled from everywhere to control this problem. He will need lots and lots of water and you know kids just aren't like that. If he can tolerate a glass of prune juice every day and eye drops that don't have preservatives in them... that could help any of the adverse side effects. Is this a med that he will likely be on for a while? Or short-term where like the constipation thing may not have a chance to also become chronic? Also, upset tummies is another side effect but crackers might also help that one, too.

Just giving you additional food for thought on this one and the best of luck with everything for him. I hope he has a positive outcome and this works well for him with no issues.


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5 Jul 2012

The manufacturer states that the safety or efficacy in children has not been established. If your child has a bladder problem has a pediatric urologist seen him?

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gaz 4444 5 Jul 2012

he has been seen by a peadatrition its them that prescribed it

kaismama 5 Jul 2012

The safety hasn't been established, meaning they haven't tested it on children. What do they expect it to do for your child?

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