How does risperidone work?

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21 Mar 2013

Hello chuck1008. Risperdal/Risperidone is an antipsychotic drug that works to help a persons behaviour in the treatment for well as in bipolar disorders (manic depression). It carries relatively low side effects in its long term use compared to other drugs in this family such as say Haldol or Stelazine. How it works is the drug treats the part of the chemical process of the brain that are part of the above diagnosis. The why, is complex. In the world of psychiatric drugs, for a drug can be found to work for more than one diagnosis.(off-label) The brain is a organ that continues to amaze the surgeons and scientists through out the world, more often seeing wonderfull results with no explanation for said results other that in the knowledge that a pill , medication does the work and does it well. Regards pledge

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