Will rhodiola rosea and warfarin blood thinners mix?

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31 Dec 2012

Weak evidence suggests that rhodiola rosea may be a mild stress inhibitor. Strong evidence suggests that a leisurely walk will do the same.
Rhodiola rosea is thought to interfere with sleep. To my mind, this means that in the long run, it might actually increase stress, as a reaction to lack of soundness of sleep.
The interactions checker doesn't list rhodiola rosea, so I went to wikipedia for a look. At the end of the wiki article, there are several references you might want to look into.
Personally, I don't see anything about rhodiola rosea to suggest an interaction with warfarin, but warfarin is something of an oddity. There are things like foods and food additives which I was very surprised could have any effect on warfarin, and yet they do. I'm not a doctor, and I recommend you ask yours about this supplement (?).
Good luck in life.

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