went to take my son for his ADD check up,we both have this,to be honest I had a bad xanax problem,and was already seeking treatment for this,I had gotten very tired of all pills,and flushed everything,including his meds,as I did not want any temptation,he never took them regulary anyway,well this new Dr.said he knows I had seen many Dr.'s,which is only 5 in one year,2 switches due to Ins. changed,and was having me red flagged,and contacting DEA,plus Child protective services,and police,they did urine screen on son,and said I was going to be charged with fraud,as I could not produce his meds or mine,I never would have carried our meds around anyway,I was very honest and told him I was in treatment,I never aboused his meds,I am a good mom,who let a pill control her life,and seen this happening,and sought help,what will happen?Will they arrest me for Dr. shopping?I contacted a lawyer and he said the investigation from DEA takes 2 weeks,I have to sit and wait for police for another week,also will they take children away,I am terrified,I did not enter treatment after this was found out,did before,thanks