Recently added 20mg of Prozac to 300mg Wellbutrin. Anyone have experience with this combination?

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16 Dec 2011

Hello Jenner819. I know both of these drugs, and the two will serve you well. The wellbutrin will enhance the working of the Prozac for it acts as a stimulant. Side effects when taking the two combined are generally minimal. Its a popular often used combination, as is zoloft and wellbutrin. Hopeing you do well on the two, best wishes,pledge

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rebchristopher 27 Dec 2011

Hi, I've been taking Prozac 40mgs x1, with Wellbutrin 150 x2 for one week now... I have had a lot of headaches, NAUSEA, and flu like symptoms. Someone please tell me about how long this lasts?? Thanks, Rebecca

Anonymous 27 Dec 2011

Hello, your nausea, general discomfort should begin to ease up somewhat, within the not to distant futur. What you're feeling, the side effects are common to both drugs, when beginning them. I'm afraid you'll have to be a bit patient, but it really does become less and less over time. If it doesn't, your doctor might make an adjustment to your dosage,pledge

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