I went to the Dr today and was told that I have to reduce my pain medication. My Dr tells me that all of the doctors are getting letters from the DEA and insurance companies that no one should be on medications that equal 200mg of morphine or more unless they have substantial spinal conditions-like a fracture. Apparently herniated discs and degeneration dont qualify. I have been on the same doses of medications for more than 3 years. I have always abided by the rules. I never ask for early refills. I knew this was going to start happening! This is politics plain and simple! Politicians are coming down hard on pain management. Since they cant win the war on illegal drugs, they are going to start fighting prescription drugs. The DEA has to justify it's existance somehow and we legit pain patients are a much easier target! I cant even begin to say how much this upset me. If you dont show MAJOR structural damage on your body, dont expect to get opioid pain meds. This comes right after a few months ago being pushed into considering SURGERY!! Now they are doing a complete about face and trying to tell me there is nothing substantial going on! Is that a crock of you-know-what?! They just cut my OxyContin by 60mg a day and my oxycodone by 30mg a day. Right as I have my family vacation coming this month and my sons wedding in August. I'm going to need help and support from my friends as I go through this-it is going to be hell!