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What is norco?

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2 Sep 2012

Name brand Oxycocone and Acetaminophen.

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balbanese 2 Sep 2012

Hydrocodone! sorry! not Oxycodone, Hydrocodone.

2 Sep 2012

I agree it is hydrocodone!!Angel1662

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2 Sep 2012

It is a combination opiod pain medicine. Its made up of hydrocodone and tylenol.

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briards 5 Sep 2012

yikes, i take norco and didn't know it is hydrocodone. isn't that a hard one to discontinue? used to take vicodin but changed to norco so i would be taking less tylenol. really stupid of me. that one got by me, i am always careful when it comes to drugs i put in my body.

kaismama 5 Sep 2012

They are all hard to get off of if you don't do it the right way. I prefer not to take meds with tylenol in them, because of the chance of overdose if you take another kind of med with tylenol in it. You can always take a tylenol if you feel the pain pills need a boost.

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