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Will prozac show up on a probation/parole DOT urine drug screen panel in the state of Maine?

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17 Apr 2012

i'm not sure if that type of drug is even a part of their testing, but just to be on the safe side, i would let your parole officer know upfront no matter what. that way once you are tested your p.o. wont have any surprises or suspicions, and its a legal drug, so i wouldnt think they could hold that against you. i know its different for every state, every parolee, and every parole or probation officer, so just b sure to tell him or her upfront so your covered at all angles. good luck, and best wishes to you.

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16 Apr 2012

Hello wigglytush. A good question. I would say yes, (a guess on my behalf) only because they'll be screening for not just narcotic, amphetamines, CNS drugs, but for any drug that might be in your system. I believe they are fairly strict on the guidelines. If you have a perscription, you should be fine. Regards, pledge

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Anonymous 16 Apr 2012

I believe Pledge is correct, & if you are taking someone else's medication, please don't do this again. If you have a legal script for prozac, take it with you (the bottle of pills)& show them this upfront... Mary

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