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Prozac - What should I feel like when taking 30mg prozac for anxiety and depression?

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28 Jul 2012

If it works well you should simply feel better, in about a month.
That's a little depressing to read though is it not?

It sorta feels like we need a now and a month from now solution for depression as most folks cant lie I'm bed for weeks on end.

Pappy71 28 Jul 2012

Thanks,merri-not-done. I have been 20 mg for 6 wks+ and 30 for 11 days. Might need to have Dr. higher dose. Thanks


28 Jul 2012

I hope you are seeing a Psychiatrist for your depression and anxiety problems. I don't feel that your PCP is knowledgeable enough to be prescribing for you.
First, you have been on prozac long enough to be feeling the anti-depressant effects. It never worked on my anxiety/panic disorder, so if its not working on your anxiety it's time to add a benzo for that. Most shrinks will start you on low dose clonazepam or Klonopin. It has a long half life so you aren't on the roller coaster caused by short acting benzos like Xanax, which I hate.
Please talk to your doc about your continuing symptoms, maybe prozac is not the SSRI for you. There are many others to treat your symptoms.
Be sure to let us know how you are doing.
Sweet Hippie

Pappy71 29 Jul 2012

Yes, I am. matter of fact I have a call into him. Something is not
right that's for sure. Thanks

28 Jul 2012

You mean when you first take it? Sort of "spacey" or slow to think, after 3-5 days there should start to be a feeling of well-being. Again. not sure how to answer not knowing how long you've been taking it. Hope this helps.

29 Jul 2012

Hi, as Imariani has said, you should be feeling better by this stage. It takes about 4 weeks for antidepressants in general to work effectively. So maybe your dose wasn't high enough, but with the increase 11 or 12 days ago now you should be noticing a difference. If not you need to speak to you doctor again. And as already said, maybe you need an additional prescription for the anxiety, or maybe a change all together? I hope you are feeling better soon!


29 Jul 2012

Hello Pappy. Hopefully stress free and not depressed. Best of wishes, hopefully you'll be feeling better soon! pledge

29 Jul 2012

when i took it it was for my depression,,, it helped with that,,, you should feel like u have something to look forward too instead of empty,,, for aniexty i have to take xanax or valium

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