Protonix - could this drug make a urine drug screen read positive?

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12 Jul 2010

I have read that patients taking Protonix may test positive for marijuana in a urine drug test.

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12 Jul 2010

NO! I have been taken this drug (protonix) now for over a year and there is no such thing as a reading from protonix for positive or negative drug testing!

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joledo69 13 Jul 2010

It is true, I am currently taking this medication and am with a program that drug screens me at least once a week and since the start of taking this I've tested positive for a UDS. I don't smoke marijuana and haven't touch the S*** since high school and thats more than 25 years ago so how long is so wrong when they say No - YOU ARE Wrong!!! 1

how long 13 Jul 2010

Sorry, That is your opinion! I have also been tested and NOTHING has ever came up as long as I have been taking this medication. They have never said ANYTHING to me about this medicine showing some kind of positive testing. I am not trying to be smart and I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I am drug tested every month and have NEVER failed a drug test and that has been for the last 19 yrs. Hope everything goes well for you!

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