Promethazine - How does this drug help to relieve pain?

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14 Jul 2009

Promethazine helps in more ways than one. It helps with swelling in the bronchi tubes that may cause breathing problems, and some cases of nausea.

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jaquay21_ 14 Jul 2009

Sorry, but I thought promethazine was for nausa and vomiting. Well that is what I was given it for and it really help with that never touched my pain though. been on it for a while now. I am in lots of pain due to back problems and surgery and it hasn' helped in that area. Check with Dr on this one.

14 Jun 2010

not really by "relieving"pain... but a mild sedation can come with the the drug being its an antihistimine... in my doesent

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14 Jun 2010

Promethazine is an anti-inflammatory, so itll help with anything of that nature, which is why its put in prescription strength cough syrup. But its also stops people from being nauseous from things like motion sickness and opioids, which is another reason its in prescription strength cough syrup; cause something like 80% of people will get sick feeling from codeine.

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