I had asked my ex-husband about getting himself and his new girlfriend to take a drug test because of the fact, before he had actually became invovled with this new woman had said that she broke him and his ex-girlfriend up because of her drug and acohol abuse. Now that I have asked because I am very concerned about my sons well being in their care every other weekend. My ex-husband had said that she might not pass the test because of all of the medications she was taking. I told him that I am sure the lab will be able to determine what is prescription from a street drug. He then told me that she took a drug that had the same components of crank and that only two other people in the USA can take this presription. This prescription is for her feet pain. I don't know if the other two special people that have been given this legal drug belong to this forum but would appreciate anyone who might know of its exsistence replying?
A Concerned Mother

De Anna Y.