I just found out Saturday that I am pregnant. I've been taking Suboxone since May 19th, 2006. My husband and I probably conceived on June 9th. I'm worried that the Suboxone will harm my baby and want to know if I should start weaning off slowly. I was taking about 8-10 mgs a day... sometimes I would take 16mgs if my day started super early. Does anyone know if Suboxone causes birth defects or any other things I should be concerned about? Are there any women out there that have taken Subs during their pregnancy? I actually spoke to my doc prior to even becoming pregnant because my husband and I weren't exactly being "careful". I wanted to know if I should be using birth control during my treatment and he seemed to think that I'd be okay if I got pregnant. Now that I AM pregnant I'm worried. I don't want to take ANYTHING that will hurt my child. My doc seems confidant that it's safe but all the literature I'm reading online says DO NOT get pregnant while on Subs... hummm? Does anyone know is Subutex is a better alternative? If there is anyone out there that can calm my nerves I would appreciate it! I'm so happy to be pregnant and just want a healthy baby :)

Thanks in advance!