Hey everyone!
I just found out a few days ago that I am pregnant... about 6 weeks. This will be my second, I have a 5 year old.
I have been on Subutex for about 3 months... the suboxone made me very sick, that why I am taking subutex. I was taking hydro/oxycodone 4 years prior to the sub.

Anyway, does anyone know anything about pregnancy and taking subutex? There is very little out there on the internet. some say its ok, others say it is not.

I do have a doctor's appointment with my subutex Doctor next week, but he told me that this has never come up before in the 2 years he has been distributing suboxone... he is relying on local doctors for help. I happen to live right smack dab in the middle of the bible belt... and it's a pretty small mountain town.
They will not like the thought of a pregnant woman on subutex... my thought is they are going to tell me to come off without even looking into it.

I've also heard it was very dangerous to go through withdrawal why you are pregnant.

So if someone would please give me any info they have on this... i want to make the right decision, the one that's least harmful to the baby. Thanks!:o