Ok, i would really like to know what this pill is. I let a friend stay at my place and they must have dropped this pill. I know they dont have any medical issues or any prescriptions because we are close friends. Anyway the pill is yellow, oblong in shape but on the thin size. It isnt a very large sized pill but it is long. One side is blank and the other side is imprinted with a W below a symbol wich resembles a line with a circle on it. to the right of the W are the numbers 766. Yellow oblong thin Pill. Imprint code W 766, Symbol above the W resembles a line with a circle of sorts on it. Reverse side is blank. No score on the pill. Any help would be great. I have children as well as animals that live with me. I would hate to have either of them come in contact with something that someone left behind by mistake. Also I have searched google inside out as well as this site and cannot find any info on what kind of pill this is. Thanks in advance.