Persisting Pain -- Shingles - Can you get shingles more than once?

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17 May 2010

Yes, you can get Shingles many times. The virus actually continues to live in certain nerves. Please see the link below.

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17 May 2010

Yes I have had shingles a few times, very painful. There is meds to help a breakout like Acyclovir and Neurontin for the nerve pain. It is no fun when they come out worse pain I have ever had. Hope this helps you.

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nc3994 18 May 2010

Thank you Marjorie for your feedback. I have had this pain for several years and it
seems to be getting worst at times. I asked my doctor if I could be getting
shingles again, and he no. at first he we tried Oxycotin, Neurontin and also
the Patch, but none of these medicine helped. Thanks for your help. NC

10 Jun 2010

I have gotten shingles every few months for a few years. There is a problem with my immunity but yes its possible to get it more than once even with a normal immune system. And it leaves more nerve damage every time you get it. I have taken Lyrica for my nerve pain.

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hotblazzer95 6 Jul 2012

I had Shingles 3 times. It is extreamley painful. I had to take Duragesic for it. Only thing that helped.Dr. also gave me Zovirax cream.. Helped dry them up & helped them go away faster.. This stuff was very expensive. Like, almost 250.00. If you have a good immune system take the vaccine. But Ask your Dr. First... Will keep you in my prayers.

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