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I have been perscribed tramadol and it works very well for my anxiety, more than any other meds?

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17 Apr 2014

I have fibromyalgia and ive been given Tramadol for pain. It helps my muscular skeletal pain that I have. Its most often given for pain not anxiety. However lots of drugs are now being used to treat more than one problem. However I personally cant see how Tramadol could help anxiety. Because tramadol isnt a calming drug when I take it. It wires me up and I cant take it very late in the day or it will keep me up all night long. So if your taking tramadol for anxiety im sure no its not the very best drug for that. Theirs much better medications to treat anxiety than Tramadol. Its great for muscle, neck, back pain, type pain and thats what its most commonly prescribed for. Its a pain reliever.

Delila 17 Apr 2014

I agree, Tramadol is prescribed as an analgesic. This is the only approved reason for physicians to order it. Off label? I don't know... but i would be very wary of it being used for any other reason.

14 Apr 2014

Tramadol isn't for anxiety. Why were you prescribed it?

Subkev87 16 Apr 2014

your information is wrong. it is commonly used for anxiety. also uses for restless legs and pain. do research.

Subkev87 16 Apr 2014

tramadol is found naturally in a plant. although this discovery was found after synthetic tramadol was already on the market. strange coincidence.

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