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Penis enlargement vitamins?

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27 Oct 2012

hello. Best of my knowledge, there are none. Regards pledge

27 Oct 2012

You have to settle for what God gave you. There is nothing that actually enlarges a penis.

29 Oct 2012

Unfortunately there is nothing to enlarge your penis. It has to do with genetics more than anything. Contrary to popular belief, penis size has very little to do with sexual satisfaction. Putting your partners needs and degree of satisfaction as high or higher than your own has much more to do with sexual satisfaction than size. Having a large (or small) penis has nothing to do with whether or not you are a good lover. Being a good lover is a skill to be learned and the most important lesson is making your partners satisfaction as important or better yet, more important than your own.

kaismama 29 Oct 2012

I'm not sure why its so important to males, its sure not to females. Skill means alot more then size.

3 Mar 2013

food enlargement penis

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