Paxil CR - Is anyone experiencing "electrical" shock sensations in their feet while sighing?

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19 Aug 2012

Hello twotonies. Its a common side effect to taking the drug. I have been on Paxil for several years and the 'zaps" occur more often than not once a day. They can go through my head, or arms or legs. Your body, will become used to them. Best of wishes, pledge

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twotonies 19 Aug 2012

Thanks for responding. I've benn on it since 2002 and am just now feeling these shocks. I'm thinking a new medication I started in March of this year may have triggered it, or I've come down with something new like Fibromylagia. Was an EMG ever performed on you?

Anonymous 20 Aug 2012

No, never an EMG. I'll do some reading up and see if its as you believe, an interaction.

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