I'm new here and I just wanted to talk to some else who has dealt with a pain killer addiction. I have been on loratab and just about any other pain killers I can get my hands on. None of my friends or family know how bad my addiction is. Please someone tell what is the best way to quit. I have a little girl and I want to be a good mommy. I have partied with just about every drug there is besides herion and crack. Now I have been thinking about trying oxy coton. Because I have heard it is really good. I have grown up with alot of family abuse and I started working in strip clubs as soon as I turned 18. I have a real job now and don't party with any of my old friends. But I cant seem to let go of the need for some type of drug to keep me happy. I almost died on a coke o.d. on my 21st b-day so I don't mess with that anymore. But I love downers..loratab,xanax,alchol,pot, etc. I have even thought about trying herion. Please if anyone has the same kind of addiction, how do I stay drug free? Or am I just bound to be a drugie for life??[:X]