I have not been here for awhile. Last time i posted on here i was put on Methadone for pain after being on percs with no relief. I was sweating so bad on the Methadone that i had to get off them. I felt like i was burning up. If i took a shower i would sweat right after and feel like i needed another one. I could not go to a store to shop as i had to leave to get fresh air. It was embarrassing the sweat dripping off me, not to mention uncomfortable. It was very obvious to people that my face was red and sweat dripping off my head. It helped the pain, but with that side effect.

My doctor took me off it last week and decided to put me on Oxycontin 40 mg 2 x's a day. This is a pain clinic. I started back to work last week 40 hours a week. I feel great, and have very little pain when i take these. I also have 4 perc's a day if needed. Now that is alot of meds. I am looking for disaster here soon. Just typing what i take sounds awful. I get 100 percs a month that are 10's, and get 64 oxycontins that are 40mg. The reason i am on this is because workers comp. as i hurt my arm/neck/hand and have recurring carpal tunnel and neuropathy that noone will do surgery on again. I know i will be on these for at least 2 yrs. as the workers comp. insurance said they would pay for them for that long. I never take more meds than what i am prescribed in a day. I hear people take 15 percs a day etc. I do not know how someone could take that many and live. Just with the 2 oxys i take a day i feel good and my husband can tell i am on my meds. He says i look tired.

What my question is: Why when i wake in the am do i feel like i was hit by a mack truck?? I feel like every part of my body is aching, and so beat. Like i said. I know it is alot of meds, but sometimes i do not even take what is prescribed for me in one day. I just want to know why i wake up feeling like i am sore all over and makes me want one in the am just by the way i feel. I think if i woke feeling good i would not need one. If anyone felt like this and has the reason why, other than the obvious with them meds who wouldn't? I just do not think what i am taking should make me feel like that in the am going by what is prescribed.