Oxycodone - can you smoke the 20 mg ones?

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14 Aug 2010

Im going to answer your quesion with a plead please dont this is how you become addicted and to me the withdrawls are worse than heroin! So i hope this answered your question and gave you some advise.

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14 Aug 2010

Hi curious, If you smoke this crap it is going to do major harm to your lungs heart and brain! Do you want to end up a junkie? If not, please, please do not smoke this stuff!

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14 Aug 2010

that is a totally inappropriate question for this website.So maybe you should ask your doctor who prescribed them for you. or how about the pharmacist who cashed that prescription for you. ok i know,how about the dealer who sold them to you.you trust him don't you ?

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21 Aug 2010

Sorry, but this is not a "How many ways can one ingest a drug to maximize the high" website.

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Anonymous 21 Aug 2010

I agree Springer10... ask the dealer that sold it to you.

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