Ortho Micronor - how fast can you get pregnant after you quit taking this pill?

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20 Aug 2012

Hi, once you stop taking almost any kind of birth control you can get pregnant, it all depends on your monthly cycle but you can get pregnant fastbnow that you stoped taking your pill, hope this helps

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l1a9f83 20 Aug 2012

See the only thing is I have no idea about my ovulation cycle, b/c I've been on the micronor for 5 months and it totally messed my whole body up. I had a full blown heavy period every other week for a full 7 days when I used to only have a 3-4 day light period. I was having 3 periods a month, pmsing all the time, migraines, I felt like crap and nasty all the time. And the nurse practicioner I see wouldn't listen to me, so I quit taking it, and I feel great now!! But I'm having sex, I wouldn't mind to get pregnant I'm just wondering if it could happen fast...

kellyandtodd 20 Aug 2012

Ok so if your trying to get pregnant then when you do have your period count the first day as day one and then from days 10 to 18 is when you will be most likely to ovulate, if your trying hard then having sex at least three times a week will help since sperm can live in you anywhere from 3 to 7 days, and you could always go to the pharmacy and buy a ovulation kit, that will tell you when your ovulating which is easier then counting days I think, so let me know if this helps and good luck, Kelly

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