On suboxone, no ins, so expensive,can I switch to Subutex?

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30 Jan 2010

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sean27 9 Feb 2010

About 6 months ago I switched from box to bupe. I can not stress enough the difference of thses drugs. When naloxone is fused with bupe it forms a synergy that chemically alters the way bupe would normally effect you. The naloxone they put in box is and was never meant to be ingested day in and day out. After using for a prolonged period of time it starts to deplete your natural serotonin and dopamine levels in your brain. Now a generic form of subutex is offered and is a fraction of what the benkiser cartel charges for box. Tell your doctor you want to switch to bupe if he refuses there are now many sub docs out there find another one. The doc I have been seeing told me that the benkiser reps came into his office and told him that generic sub was only to be administered in an inpatient setting. This is bullshit and cannot be controlled it is the pharmacy that will give you generic if you ask for it. Everyone go to generic sub! The benkiser cartel has been mercilessly breaking our banks for to long now.

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