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Omeprazole - Does anyone else taking Ompeprazole have muscle weakness and shortness of breath?

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14 Jan 2012

No I don't, and I've been taking Omeprazole since it first came out. I have found there to be problems with OTC Omeprazole, and at least 1 generic company gave me worse stomach aches for a while. But never what you said.

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AquariusAnneCA 14 Jan 2012

Hi Thor,

This has been going on for a few years now since I took Lipitor for a year and it destroyed me! This is when it started. The Gutdoctor said if the Omeprazole was bothering me, get on something else but he really wants to do surgery! I am not sure it is the "O" that is causing this. I have different specialists such as Orthopedic (did knee replacement last year), lung specialist (due to shortness of breath), GutDoctor (GERD) and none of them know what the problem can be. Primary gave me many tests, nothing shows up. I take Propanolol 40mg, Triamterine 37.25 besides the Omeprazole. I did stop the Omeprazole for 7 days and felt somewhat better but the GERD started so I am back on it every other day. Muscles and shortness of breath still plague me. It only bothers me when walking... Thanks so much for your input.


Thor283 14 Jan 2012

Hey Anne,

Have you ever tried Nexium? I was on Nexium for several years and then it quit working so I'm back to Omeprazole. But I often need to use OTC Zantac for acute heart burn. Maybe you can just take a break from Proton Pump Inhibitors by using Zantac or 1 of those type drugs.

There in one more scary thing I read about people who stay on PPI long term, like all of us here. They found we develop a magnesium deficiency which is hard to correct. I hate to say this, but I read it as part of an Ad for a new type of Magnesium Replacement Cream. So maybe it isn't true. But so many scary things can happen from being magnesium deficient that it warrants looking into. I assume docs can run a blood test to check for magnesium? But I don't really know. The bottom line for me is that I can't afford to buy magnesium replacement creams, especially the new one. So I hope it isn't true. But Anne I'd ask your docs about this, and to test you for magnesium.


14 Jan 2012

I as Thor have taken omprazole since it came out & have never had a problem with it as you describe. I have asthma also & it doesn't affect it at all. Everyone is different tho' so is best to check with your doctor. It can if taken over long periods of time cause femur fractures I do know that about it. I have osteoporosis, but if I try to stop the omprazole the GERD is so bad I end up returning to it. Best wishes to you & I hope you find what is cuasing your problems...

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AquariusAnneCA 14 Jan 2012

Hi Mary,
I have been to so many doctors and had tests for everything possible... no answers. I am beginning to wonder if the propanolol or the diuretic is causing this weakness... I will call my doctor on Monday. I have been taking both of those besides the Omeprazole for years... I do understand when you say you try to go off of it... but I take it when the pain gets bad and not before... I used to take it every morning, but no more! Doctors want to do surgery as they know the meds start causing other problems... I had anemia from the Omeprazole and since I stopped taking it each day, the tests show I no longer have anemia.
Good luck on your osteoporosis and asthma, Mary.
Thanks for your input.

Anonymous 14 Jan 2012

Thanks, & wow, I have anemia too! Wonder if that could be the cause. No one ever thought of that before. Thanks for the info... mary

14 Jan 2012

My husband takes it as well, and has had no problems at all. Good luck to you though. Ruth

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27 May 2014

Yes, I have been experiencing muscular deterioration since I began taking it.

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