Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - Is negative thoughts part of OCD?

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24 Feb 2012

Negative thoughts can certainly be an aspect of your OCD, but they could also signal other things such as dpression. I'd suggest letting your doctor know about these thoughts before they get worse (I'm pretty certain that they are affecting your daily routine in some way or you wouldn't be mentioning them). Also, he/she needs to make sure that whatever meds you are currently taking aren't causing these thoughts as some kind of side-effect. Hope this helps.

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Mare40 24 Feb 2012

My doctor is aware and I'm on Zoloft 50mg for 3 weeks and the neg thoughts are much better so is my depression. I just don't know if we should increase the meds or should I give it more time. I'm more afraid of not being able to control these thoughts ever. Thanks

Mare40 24 Feb 2012

I was on celexa 40 for two months before this and it helped my depression but not the racing worry thoughts and anxiety and paniac.

2 Jul 2014

Absolutely can cause negative thoughts, I was prescribed fluvoxamine & that really didn't work but as soon as the Doctor gave me Anafranil my OCD thoughts & rituals have cut down tremendously & no negative thoughts for me anymore because the meds work so well at keeping my OCD at bay! Best wishes to you..

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