Well, the subject line says it all, pretty much (I'm catchin' on, huh?)
I know this one's a member of the "zene" family - it's supposed to aid insomniacs, although I'm not sure it was created for this purpose, to be honest.
A neighbor of mine who has a penchant for playing doctor gave... well, no; that makes it sound a lot more fun than it actually IS in this neighborhood! Let me begin again...
An elderly lady on my street comes by now and then and is always interested in knowing of any aches and/or complaints I have. She must've wanted to be a doctor back in the day, as she never visits without asking hopefully if I have any ailments.
When I told her I had none save for a bit of trouble sleeping, she dug through her suitcase-of-a-purse and grabbed several of these pills. I asked her what SHE'D been given them for, but she never really heard that, she was too busy telling me just how she (Dr.Oldster) intended for me to take them. (I realize she couldn't remember what in hell she's been given them for; I've a feeling she visits numerous doctors with numerous ailments, seeking -- well, I don't really know, actually. I've never seen her with a medication induced high, something I feel tremendously lucky about, to be honest.
As a rule I think sharing a script usually only ends up with trouble. But I'm curious to know what these are. And I won't know 'til I ask you guys; you don't miss much and have never been off on a single pill identification concerning my inquiries... Nice job!
Like I said, these are a tan (going towards orange, not brown) color, seem a bit coated, have a capital A on one side and a six (6), a score, then a zero (0) on the other. They are oblong in shape and I think the name of them ended in "zene" or "zone"... something to make me think tranks. But I'm an amateur (and am often in quite a "zone" myself, truth be told)
I feel completely comfortable leaving this with you, my experts, and while I know you don't bill yourself as such, you've a remarkable record with a perfect track record with me. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thanks again and have a great day.
Your Friend,