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Obesity - What are the long term side effects of using Adipex?

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26 Jul 2010

Adipex dangers are a very serious issue, and as such more and more people are opting for natural weight loss alternatives to avoid the many potential side effects of this and other prescription weight loss drugs.

Although Adipex can help you lose weight, the strong potential for adverse health effects can make it an unwise choice for shedding unwanted pounds.

What is Adipex and what are the side effects?

One of the first anti-obesity pills, it is one of a class of drugs called anorexigenics which act on the central nervous system.

Adipex works by chemically suppressing the appetite and is prescribed to people who cannot lose weight through conventional means such as regular exercise and typical diet programs.

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26 Jul 2010


Adipex can have some long term effects on your health as well, and the FDA warns that it should not be taken for more than three months... long term safety of taking this drug is unknown, another cause for concern.

Adipex danger is addiction, as you can become physically dependent on the drug and could go through serious withdrawal if you stop taking it.

Consult with your doctor prior to stopping Adipex. Adipex withdrawal symptoms can be enhanced by other medication you are taking or past medical issues that your Doctor should be aware of. Extreme danger can occur if you embark on this process alone.

Also ask your Doctor about withdrawal symptoms.

All the best.-

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