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In normal blood test, Can stelazine can be detected?

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12 Apr 2012

Though there really is no STANDARD blood test, I am going to assume you mean either a complete blood panel or a drug test of non-specific indications. In both cases, no.
Most chemicals can be tested for in blood if specifically tested for, but something as obscure as Stelazine, an anti-psychotic for schizophrenia, will only be tested for if the doctor has indicated regular blood tests for serum levels of the drug in the bloodstream to monitor liver function and to prevent eye conditions. This is standard practice with most medications of this purpose, but not usually done with drugs of this type.

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Mahadev 13 Apr 2012

thank you for your reply.Now I understand that it cannot be detected. I want to confirm one thing that if a person is giving medical test for certain purpose like for organisation, they will know it or not?
thank you for your answer

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