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Do nicorette lozenges work? What are the drawbacks?

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24 Feb 2012

Hello archie123. yes they work. I used them to stop my smoking. I was a 2 pack per day smoker for over 45 years. The only drawback is that you'll as in say you were smoking, have to cut back on the lozenges. It took me almost 3 months but its been almost 3 years to date no more tobacco. Best of wishes and I hope the lozenges work for you,pledge

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archie123 24 Feb 2012

I thank you for your info. I am 60 and started stealing dads Camels at age 6 that makes 54 yrs. now and I am tired of choking. I have cut back now from 2 pks. a day to about 1/2 pk. so not bad so far. Have A Great Day & God Bless!

Anonymous 24 Feb 2012

Thats great news. You're getting there. Have a good weekend,pledge

archie123 25 Feb 2012

Thanks! Hope you have a great weekend to.

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