I really need help on this one. I was in methadone treatment for 3 yrs. 20mg for vicodin dependency. Methadone changed my life for the better but decided I didn't want to go through the clinic life anymore. 5 weeks ago I switched from methadone to suboxone, but I am not doing well with suboxone. I have terrible side effects, getting my depression and anxiety back, feel achey all the time, headaches low low energy etc... I called my sub doctor and he stated suboxone wasn't the medication for me. Now, I am thinking about going back on a very low dose methadone. 5 to 10mg, however can I switch back to methadone right away? I am very scared, I went to my clinic today to discuss my situation with them, and they seem not to know to much about this. Where do I turn? Has anyone been on methadone then switched to suboxone, but decided the sub wasen't working for you, and decided to go back to methadone? Any information would be greatly appreciated!