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Need to dry up constant mucus dripping down throat resulting in excessive saliva in mouth?

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31 Jan 2012

How long have you had it for? Do you have a fever, is the discharge green, are you an asthmatic or suffer from emphysema? Do you have any other symptoms such as sneezing or itchy watery eyes?
If you have had it for more than 10 days, or answer yes to any of the above you should see your doctor to check that it is not a sign of a more serious problem.
In the mean time avoid nasal irritants such as cigarettes, drink plenty of water, try a humidifier or a saline nasal spray or rinse.

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30 Jan 2012

Hi Billtee23,

Sounds like you are having post nasal drip. I have that and get a prescription for Atrovent. It's a nasal spray and it works great for that.
Good luck!

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