Can naproxen 500mg help with the swelling of poison ivy?

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30 Apr 2012

I dont think Naproxen will hurt you. It may help even but usually these types of inflammations respond best to something like a Medrol pack. I'm not a big fan of steroids but they are indicated for this type of inflammation.

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30 Apr 2012

It might take down some of the inflammation. Cortisone is the preferable thing to use. In cream or if its really bad, a prescription for oral cortisone might be required. An anti histamine may help too.

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30 Apr 2012

Naproxen probably won't reduce the swelling, a topical such as a corticosteriod that you can get from a physician or NP, or even over the counter hydrocortisone sterioid cream can help with it. over the counter medications are weaker and may take longer to see a result. there are also over the counter medications such as benadryl spray that will help reduce the redness and swelling and contain benzocaine that will numb the area temporarily.

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